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MapSurveyor brings quick and easy measurements to your iPhone

MapSurveyor brings quick and easy measurements to your iPhone

March 23, 2015

If you’ve been looking for a way to measure your home or property without investing in expensive surveying equipment, MapSurveyor just might fit the bill. The app promises the ability to measure distance, area, and perimeter all from within one app without any ads or in app purchases.

Dubbed a “graceful, concise, powerful map measuring tool,” MapSurveyor allows you to quickly and accurately perform precise measurements, whether you are using it for professional work or DIY projects. No matter how big or small the distance or area you need to measure, the app can handle it.


MapSurveyor includes the following important features, plus many more:

  • Mark feature points with pins, then draw the perimeter and area
  • Draw shapes with your finger, display as a line, then form a closed polygon and measure it
  • Calculate the length of a route and summarize it
  • Calculate the area or perimeter of an irregular polygon

The app can also give the area, radius, and circumference of a circular area, and is compatible with both imperial and metric measurement units. Downloading or updating map data requires an Internet connection.

How can you use MapSurveyor? Here are just a few examples. Let’s say you want to measure the length of your driveway for paving or getting a load of gravel. Normally, you would need a rangefinder or surveyor’s tape measure, but with MapSurveyor you can just walk the length of your driveway and get precise measurements. You can also use it to measure the area or perimeter of your farm, block, district, city, or even state. The app is also handy for calculating the distance between you and the nearest subway station, or figuring out how long that cruise is that you’ve been thinking about taking.


Finally, the app uses the Location Services in your phone so that you can set an anchor point and then travel around with your iPhone to get the area of the particular region you’ve explored.

MapSurveyor is available for $1.99 on the App Store.

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