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Nokia's Here mapping app comes to iOS

Nokia's Here mapping app comes to iOS

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March 12, 2015

Back in October, Nokia launched its Here mapping app on Android. The app was such a huge success that it was featured by The Guardian, The New York Times, TechCruch, Forbes, CNet, Mashable and more. One of the key features of the app is the ability to save maps to your device, allowing you to have access to your maps even when you don’t have a data connection. Nokia Here was on the App Store for a while, in HTML5 form, but Nokia removed it 15 months ago.


Why are we telling you about a Google Play app? Because today, Nokia Here comes back to the iOS App Store. This amazing mapping application will allow you to search, get directions, and even find your own location even when you are offline. You can download cities and countries as you need them, out of a list of about 150 maps available offline. All of that for free.

You can also find directions for walking, public transit for 950 cities and turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance and spoken street names. The app pulls in a wealth of real-time data, such as traffic incidents and public transit schedules. While driving, Nokia Here will alert you to problems on the road such as construction, and will even give you a visual and audible alert when you exceed the posted speed limit on certain roads and highways.


Online, the app will provide you with photos and reviews for the places shown on the map. There is an all-inclusive route planner to compare walking, transit, and driving directions including an estimate of how long each one will take you. If you are on foot, Here guides you with turn-by-turn alerts. On a train? Here shows you where the station is, the transfers you’ll need to make and where to get off the train.

The really amazing part of the Nokia Here app is that it is free on the App Store. Other mapping apps that allow you to download maps directly to your device are often expensive, but Nokia is offering Here completely for free on the App Store.

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