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Pad & Quill announces Apple Watch accessories

Pad & Quill announces Apple Watch accessories

March 12, 2015

In keeping with the luxurious look of the Apple Watch, accessory maker Pad & Quill has announced a pair of accessories for the wearable. They are offering a charging stand for the Apple Watch, as well as a roll-up wallet to store your smartwatch in when you are traveling and take your Watch off. The accessories will ship in mid-May, but are available for preorder now.

The Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch is made of premium wood. It is available in American Cherry or African Mahogany, both of which are beautiful ways to display and charge your Watch. The stand is equipped with a carved circle to cradle your charging magnet. When you are traveling, you can fold it shut with the magnet inside to slip it easily into a pocket or bag. I think the Luxury Pocket Stand is one of the most beautiful stands I’ve seen for the Apple Watch, and hope to add it to my bedside table when it ships in mid-May. The Luxury Pocket Stand retails for $79.99, but is available at preorder pricing of $69.99.


Also available is the Luxury Travel Pouch for Apple Watch, made of American full grain leather and a soft cotton interior. The pouch is designed to carry a second watch band as well as the included hardwood Pocket Stand for Apple Watch. The Luxury Travel Pouch for Apple Watch retails for $119.99.


Pad & Quill’s Roll Up Kit for Apple Watch is crafted from full grain American leather and lined with a soft, durable linen to protect your Watch from scratches. It is stitched together with parachute-grade thread, and it closes securely with a leather strap. The Roll Up Kit has slots for your magnet charger and a second Watch band, with a flap to keep everything safely inside the pouch. The Roll Up Kit fits nicely into a bag or pocket. The Roll Up Kit is available for preorder at $49.99.


If you would like the Roll Up Kit along with the Pocket Stand, the two products can be bundled together in the Luxury Travel Kit for $119.99.

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