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Pebble Watch CEO says Apple Watch is 'lacking'

Pebble Watch CEO says Apple Watch is 'lacking'

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March 4, 2015

I’m very much against making vague criticism, and Pebble Watch CEO Eric Migicovsky has done just that with his comments on the Apple Watch. In an interview with The Next Web, Migicovsky said that he is not very concerned about the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch and that the new iOS-based smartwatch is “definitely lacking, in quite a few ways.”

That is all Migicovsky said, other than to point out that the Pebble smartwatches and the Apple Watch are “pretty different product[s].” Yes, Mr. Migicovsky, it is pretty obvious that the Pebble Time and the Apple Watch are different products. They are, after all, made by different manufacturers.

I’m curious as to what exactly Migicovsky thinks is lacking in the Apple Watch. Is it the price point, or the battery life, or some completely different facet of the smartwatch?

Pebble could certainly say more than this, since they kicked off the smartwatch revolution in the first place. Pebble has even managed to run what is the most successful Kickstarter campaign in the crowdsourced funding organization’s history with its Pebble Time product launch.

The Pebble Time definitely looks like a front runner in the wearable smart technology niche, but I would love to see them speak a bit more in detail about just what they think is “lacking” in the Apple Watch.

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