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Spotless helps you regain control over Instagram comments

Spotless helps you regain control over Instagram comments

March 7, 2015

If you’re a big fan of Instagram, but hate all of the spam that comes along with the image-sharing service, this app is for you. Spotless, a new addition to the App Store, promises to help you keep your Instagram free from trolls, promoters, cyber-bullies, and bots.

This new app for Instagram allows you to automatically delete those spam comments, but it does not delete the comments that you truly want on your feed. It lets you set up filters for certain words. If those words show up in a comment, they are instantly deleted. This means you don’t get bogged down with “follow for follow” posts, for example, if you set Spotless to filter out the word “follow.” You can also set up Spotless to filter out derogatory words, so you can have the app take care of trolls in addition to spammers.

Unfortunately, this spam-free goodness does not truly come for free. Spotless starts you off with 20 credits, but once those are used up you’ll have to spend your hard-earned cash through In App Purchases to keep deleting comments from your Instagram feed. It would be nice if “free” apps were really free, but more and more app developers are relying on In App Purchases instead of using in-app advertisements to keep their apps profitable.

Worried that Spotless might accidentally delete a comment from one of your friends? The app has that covered, too, because it won’t delete any comments from the people you already follow on Instagram.

Spotless developer Kasaba Labs told BGR:

Instagram users love to share moments and photos of their life. Everyday the number of photos shared is increasing. At the same time irrelevant, spam, promotion, unwanted comments are out of control.”

Spotless was developed to help restore some control to the comments on your photos.

Spotless is available as a free download on the App Store.

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