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Stream music all day long on Twitter

Stream music all day long on Twitter

March 18, 2015

Thanks to a new partnership between Rhapsody and Twitter, you can stream music and tweet all from the same place. Announced in conjunction with SXSW, long-time music service Rhapsody is the first fully-licensed music service to enter into a partnership with Twitter.

Twitter tried and failed to create its own music platform, so the collaboration with Rhapsody breathes new life into an idea that just makes sense. It is all too easy to spend an entire day perusing the Twitterverse, so being able to stream music without leaving Twitter is a terrific idea.

It should work well for Rhapsody, too. The music streaming service now gets the publicity of Twitter’s 288 million active users each month. If the partnership really takes off, Rhapsody could see users click through to the Rhapsody main page and consider using it instead of Beats Music or iTunes Radio.

“We loved how Twitter audio cards work seamlessly within the Twitter app and we wanted to make the experience of sharing music with friends easy by bringing great licensed content to one of the world’s largest conversation platforms,” said Ethan Rudin, chief financial officer for Rhapsody International. “Our goal with this launch is to not only help make streaming more social, but also to reinforce that music isn’t free – every song played is accounted for and fully paid up.”

Wiz Khalifa, Pearl Jam, Flo Rida, and other artists have shared songs from their latest albums today using Rhapsody’s audio cards. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to listen to those Rhapsody streams from a PC or Mac. The service is only available via mobile, for now, so you will have to use your iPhone or iPad to enjoy the tunes.

If you want to share audio cards, you will need a Rhapsody account. From the Rhapsody music service, you simply tap the Twitter icon, add comments and hash tags, and then share the full-length song with all of your Twitter followers. No account is needed to listen to the streaming music.

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