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The New York Times is coming to the Apple Watch with one-sentence stories

The New York Times is coming to the Apple Watch with one-sentence stories

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March 31, 2015

The New York Times is ready to show us how news consumption looks on a smaller screen. The daily newspaper announced one-sentence stories designed especially for the Apple Watch, developing a new form of reporting to help readers catch up in seconds.

These stories will provide news at a glance across sections from The New York Times, including Business, Politics, Science, Tech, and The Arts. The articles will be accompanied by The Times’ photography and short, bulleted summaries. To make the reading experience even more enjoyable, readers can use Handoff to pick up reading the story on the iPhone or iPad. Readers can also save any article for later examination.


Other stories will include emoji-driven recipes, and The Times’ breaking news alerts will extend to the Apple Watch. The Times will have editors on three continents dedicated to the core mobile apps, including Watch, 24 hours a day to keep the news coming no matter what time it breaks.

The one sentence story should be an interesting way to get the news, but I worry that careless headlines might creep in and send the wrong message to readers. This does not usually happen with The New York Times, but I have read plenty of misleading headlines before. This would be all too easy to happen with the one-sentence story concept The Times is launching.

The Apple Watch will be available for preorder beginning April 10, reaching Apple Store shelves on April 24. Watch owners will be able to use the app as soon as the device is released.

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