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The Spayce app lets you see memories in real time

The Spayce app lets you see memories in real time

March 6, 2015

The next rising star in the social media game is Spayce, an app that allows you to view and make memories of places in real time. Spayce is a raw and real-time look at what’s happening around you. The app features image montages of the memories people have made around you, so you can see your neighborhood, city, college campus, or other location through the lens of the memories left there.

Spayce launched two weeks ago, and has already achieved more than 31,000 downloads. The average user opens the Spayce app eight times a day, so you know that people are viewing and making memories there. There have already been tens of thousands of memories made using the app.

The founder and CEO of Spayce, Patrick Colangelo, began developing the app during his senior year at Harvard, and raised more than $2.5 million in funding for the app from a Harvard angel. Patrick says, “I want to achieve what Snapchat has been so successful at doing in the private sphere, but take that to the public sphere.”

To build up the buzz around the app, the Spayce team is going on tour to 40 college campuses in a custom bus. They’ve visited 15 campuses so far, and will continue their tour for the next few weeks.

The future of Spayce will see a daily video montage of the best memories made around the world and a more streamlined process for recording them. The Spayce development team is committed to updating the app every two weeks to keep it bug-free and fresh with new features.

Spayce is available for free on the App Store.

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