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Wattmo helps you find great movies and TV shows

Wattmo helps you find great movies and TV shows

Connected Theater
March 25, 2015

There are so many choices for what movie or television show to watch that you can easily spend hours browsing Netflix recommendations or IMDB looking for something you might enjoy. For that matter, you could spend hours just looking through the scheduled listings on most cable providers before you ever settle down and start enjoying some entertainment. Enter Wattmo, a brand new universal app that focuses on making movie searching a good experience that you can share with friends, instead of a long string of frustrating moments or hours.

Wattmo lets you swipe through movies and TV series quickly, so you can easily find something you want to watch. The app is connected to your Facebook account, so you can see what your friends have liked or watched, comment on their selections, and get their feedback to help you make a choice. From within Wattmo, you can also get information about movies and shows, watch trailers, and find related content for those choices. Wattmo even lets you keep track of what you have already watched, so you know almost instantly if you’ve already seen that movie that seems familiar to you.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can set up liked lists within Wattmo. The app will remember what movies and shows you’ve watched and enjoyed, helping you keep track of what you haven’t seen yet. When you’re ready to buy a movie or television series to watch, Wattmo will even give you a handy link to that content in iTunes. If you already own it, Wattmo will let you play it immediately.

With Wattmo, there is no more searching for hours for something to watch on television or your device. Swipe a bit, find something you like, and then get the popcorn and start watching it. Wattmo is available for free on the App Store, and it won’t bog you down with ads or in-app purchases.

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Wattmo - Quickly find movies and series to watch
Wattmo - Quickly find movies and series to watch

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