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Apple Pay: a primer for new users

Apple Pay: a primer for new users

April 2, 2015

A couple of days ago there were several stories in the news about users being frustrated with Apple Pay, including one by our own Brent Dirks. I thought now would be a  good time to review how Apple Pay should be set up and triggered to tackle those frustrations head on. There is nothing you can do about vendor error, but a proper set up on your App will help avoid iPhone user errors.

Apple Pay is triggered by your stored fingerprint. If you don’t use Touch ID to open your phone regularly, or are not well versed in using it, practice. Make sure you have stored the fingerprints you regularly use. For instance, I have both my right and left thumbprints stored because I use my phone with both hands regularly. When you store your fingerprint, the Touch ID & Passcode section of settings lists three uses that have to be enabled. You must make sure to turn on Touch ID for Apple Pay here.


In addition, scroll just below this section to allow access to Passbook even when your phone is locked. The Apple Pay functionality is part of the Passbook app. If you do not enable this function, you will have to unlock your phone first to trigger Apple Pay, and that can be inconvenient.


Next, in the Passbook & Apple Pay section of Settings you must input your credit card information. You also must choose a default card, input your billing address, shipping address, email, and phone number to complete the setup.


Assuming each of these settings is properly configured you are ready to use Apple Pay. You may have to advise the cashier that you want to use Apple Pay. Once the cashier enables the transaction, touching your finger to the home button will wake your phone, activate Apple Pay, and complete your purchase. In some instances you may have to also sign for the purchase.

I have been using Apple Pay since last November and have had my own learning curve. Hopefully this little summary will help make it easy for you to understand the steps necessary to make sure it is set up properly. Apple Pay is quick and seamless to use when done properly and can be great fun too. Let me know, in the comments, if you have any issues.

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