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Get stolen films back from evil monsters in Movie Blocks for Apple Watch

Get stolen films back from evil monsters in Movie Blocks for Apple Watch

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April 24, 2015

When you receive your Apple Watch, I’m sure you will want to discover everything you can do with it. Of course, a big part of the day for many people is trying to pass time, so games should be a huge hit on Cupertino’s newest product. In what may be the first full-featured game for Apple Watch, developer Vitaliy Ampilogov has released Movie Blocks.


The premise of the game is that evil monsters have stolen the best Hollywood cinema masterpieces. Your task is to follow those dastardly beasts and solve puzzles in order to find all of the stolen movies. The game takes you through mountains, forests, villages, and cities, presenting you with a wealth of surprises, jokes, colorful characters, and interesting levels to keep you challenged.


In all, there are 30 levels to the game, and you have to remove all of the blocks from the playing field in order to find the stolen films. The graphics are cute but simple, and the game progresses in difficulty as you complete levels. To keep the game interesting, the developer is planning new levels for future updates.


Movie Blocks is available for $2.99 from the App Store, and will only work on Apple Watch. There is no iPhone version of the game, unfortunately.

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