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Hone your concentration skills with Orbit Jumper

Hone your concentration skills with Orbit Jumper

Pocket Gaming
April 15, 2015

New to the App Store is Orbit Jumper, an endless game that challenges you to leap from one course to another as intersections appear. You’ll need excellent concentration skills and fast timing to leap from one orbit to another, pushing yourself to jump as many circuits as you can.


The game features easy-to-learn controls, since you just tap on the screen to change orbits. However, you have to time your taps carefully, and only jump when there is an intersection close by. If you tap just at the right time, you’ll go from one orbit to another, but if you are just a fraction of a second too early or too late, you will crash and it’s game over.


Orbit Jumper offers you the option to change the screen’s background colors, and features smooth flat graphics that are easy on the eyes. The musical score is varied and changes as you get further into the game. As you play Orbit Jumper, you’ll find yourself enjoying better concentration and higher scores. The game is integrated with Apple’s Game Center for leaderboards, so you can see how you rank compared to your friends.


Orbit Jumper is available for free from the App Store, without any in-app purchases. However, the app includes advertisements. There is the standard fare of a small banner app at the bottom of the screen, but between games there are also frequent video ads that run for five seconds or more.

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