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Keep from falling off the map in Platie

Keep from falling off the map in Platie

Pocket Gaming
April 10, 2015

If you’re looking for a completely unique type of game that challenges you to think in multiple perspectives at once, Platie looks like a real winner. Platie advertises itself as the first multi-perspective game, and uses three different camera views to challenge you in moving through the course. To score high, you need to manage three-dimensional perception from different two-dimensional views.


Each camera view focuses on the course from a different perspective. The map you must navigate your block around is three dimensional, and a wrong move means a long fall off the screen. You tap in each camera view to jump forward or backward, trying to figure out where you should go next to get the highest score possible.


Platie was released by independent developer Daniel Marques, and the game is really quite challenging. It is a pixel-based game, so you don’t get super fancy graphics, but it is very fun to play. Managing the different perceptions is difficult, and the challenge is compounded by platforms that disappear after a few seconds.


Platie is free on the App Store, and utilizes very unobtrusive in-app advertisements. I barely noticed the ads when I was playing, and might have missed them altogether if I hadn’t been looking for them.

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