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Sprint Social debuts as first short distance running app

Sprint Social debuts as first short distance running app

Connected Fitness
April 27, 2015

Ready, set, go! Race your friends any time, any place with Sprint Social, the first short distance running app. Run alongside each other or across times zones with this high intensity exercise tool.

Sprint Social uses the motion sensors in your iPhone so that when you hit 100 meters your phone will vibrate. The app measures your distance so that you can look back at previous sprints. Using Apple’s gait recognition you will not be waiting for GPS or worrying about getting outside if you are on your treadmill.

Check your personalized activity feed for results and new challenges. View animated side-by-side results that you can pause and rewind when racing with friends.

Sprint Social Challenge

With Apple Watch support you can keep up with challenges. You will receive a notification when a friend accepts your challenge or when one of them wants to race you. You can also see the time and date of your last race and the results.

Win badges for your efforts and share achievements via Facebook to help inspire your friends. If you are not in the mood for a race with a friend, you can use Sprint Social to track your own progress too.

You can purchase Sprint Social for $1.99 on the App Store. The app is available for iPhone and Apple Watch.

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