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WWDC 2015: 7 things Apple needs to include in the upcoming 'iOS 9' update

WWDC 2015: 7 things Apple needs to include in the upcoming 'iOS 9' update

Apple's Software
April 15, 2015

Apple won’t announce “iOS 9″ until the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Until then, we’ll be left with rumors, speculation, and a wish list of what we’d like to see on Apple’s next operating system for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Unlike iOS 7 and iOS 8, iOS 9 shouldn’t be a significant update. As 9to5Mac noted in February, the update is likely to focus on stabilizing and optimizing the operating system. In doing so, there won’t be a marque feature.

We hope that this assessment is correct. The last two iOS updates were huge. Therefore, taking a breather wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It would also come at the appropriate time. Next year, the “iPhone 7″ and “iPhone 7 Plus” are expected to debut. We should also see the arrival of “iOS 10.” Both of these events should prove significant.

Despite this, we still hope to see some changes arrive with iOS 9. Among those:

App previews

Users are still unable to try apps before they buy. Many developers have launched “lite” versions to get around this limitation, but that only goes so far.

Apple should allow developers to offer apps with time and/or content limits that expire after a threshold is reached. This way, users would have a better idea of what to expect from an app without spending a dime, and developers would have the choice to ditch “lite” apps once and for all. Likelihood: ★

Merge Apple IDs

Some Apple IDs were created 15 years ago as membership IDs for people paying for their iTools and .Mac services. Apple IDs are now used elsewhere, including the iTunes and App Stores. Because of this, many people have more than one Apple ID. We should be able to merge these. Likelihood: ★★☆☆☆

An iCloud Drive App

The iCloud Drive is an important feature in both iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. Unfortunately, there is no way to access the iCloud Drive outside of an app. In iOS 9, we hope that Apple finally gives us a native iCloud Drive app. Likelihood: ★★★★☆

Uninstalled Apps

In iOS 9, Apple should make it easier to find recently updated apps that aren’t installed on the iOS device. At the minimum, you should be able to sort purchased apps according to category.

Taking it a step further, Apple should offer a way for users to “save” certain apps to the iOS home screen, even when they aren’t actually installed. That way, a user would receive an alert whenever the apps get an update. Based on this information, the user could then decide whether to reinstall the app. Likelihood:

Third-party default apps

In April 2013, I suggested that “Apple should stop playing matchmaker and let us pick our own default apps in iOS.” My opinion on this topic hasn’t changed. Likelihood: ★☆☆

Multi-user accounts

Pretty please, Apple. Likelihood: ★☆☆

Weather and Stock apps on iPad

Apple doesn’t offer native Weather and Stocks apps on the iPad. This continues to be a head scratcher since both apps on the iPhone were beautifully redesigned in iOS 7.

Why not bring these to iPad, Apple? Likelihood: ★★

Apple’s iOS 9 is almost certainly going to be unveiled on Monday, June 8 during the WWDC keynote address. Until then, what would you like to see in iOS 9?

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