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Apple Store app gets better security and Touch ID support

Apple Store app gets better security and Touch ID support

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May 22, 2015

Account security has become increasingly important as identity theft runs rampant throughout the world. In the latest update to Cupertino’s Apple Store app, there is more comprehensive Touch ID support and a new two-step authentication feature to provide you with better security over your account.

Apple Store version 3.3 is now protected by an additional layer of security, requiring app users to enter both their password and a verification code before making a purchase. To take advantage of the two-step authentication feature, Apple ID account holders have to turn the verification on through the My Apple ID Web page. The option can be found in the “Edit your Apple ID” menu under “Password and Security.” Once the measure is enabled, users will be asked to enter the password for their Apple ID, along with a separate four-digit verification code that Apple sends to a trusted device.

In addition to the tighter security, the Apple Store app also makes better use of Touch ID now. Users can choose to confirm their identity using the Touch ID sensor on their iPhone or iPad in order to display purchase history and EasyPay receipts or make reservations at brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. Previously, users had to manually enter an associated passcode to perform these tasks. For Apple Watch users, the app does not require Touch ID authentication from a paired iPhone to view recent order history on the smartwatch.

Cupertino continues to refine and improve its Apple Store app, which is definitely a boon because the software makes shopping for new devices and accessories much more convenient and efficient than navigating to a Web page or going to a retail location. Apple has hinted that shopping via the online store, especially through the app, is how it wants customers to experience new product launches and continuing sales. A memo from retail chief Angela Ahrendts prior to the launch of the Apple Watch made that new direction quite clear.

Apple Store is a free download on the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.

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