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Build your ultimate battle deck with Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Build your ultimate battle deck with Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Pocket Gaming
May 21, 2015

With most collectible card games on iOS, there is a pretty serious element of randomness in how the decks are built. When Tequila Games created Earthcore: Shattered Elements, the developers tore up the genre rule book and created “the game they always wanted to play.” As a result, the digital card battler offers what the developers call “an unprecedented array of strategic gameplay possibilities.”


Earthcore incorporates highly tactical gameplay that allows players to take control of any battle, along with a risk mechanic that encourages you to gamble with your health points while playing stronger cards. Even better, though, is the ability to create your own cards for your deck, employing your intellect and tactical thinking to create skill combinations that surprise and ultimately defeat your opponents.


In Earthcore: Shattered Elements, you can play through a single-player campaign or you can test yourself in quick duels against friends or strangers. The game includes a multi-layered league that only the best players can reach, and is Game Center enabled. The graphics are beautiful and the game features an amazing soundtrack and sound effects that embody the feeling of dark fantasy.


To see the game in action, check out the trailer below. If the video fails to load, click this link.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements is available as a free download on the App Store, and utilizes in-app purchases of diamonds and gold to buy booster packs, new avatars, or speed up the card crafting process.

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