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Cast spells and avoid obstacles as a young wizard in Arcane Castle

Cast spells and avoid obstacles as a young wizard in Arcane Castle

Pocket Gaming
May 1, 2015

Arcane Castle has you control a young wizard as he runs through the castle and surrounding areas taking down enemies and evading obstacles. Play for the highest score, earn Game Center achievements, and prepare for boss fights with this endless runner game.

You can play in Story Mode which starts with the wizard racing to class. As he jumps over piles of books and slides under floating chairs, he must make his way to the classroom to learn how to create and cast spells. Spells are used to defeat enemies throughout the castle and nearby locations. In Endless Mode the wizard continues to run while jumping, ducking, and taking down enemies.

Check out Arcane Castle in action and click here if you are unable to view the video:

The controls are very easy to use. As the wizard continues to run, swipe up to jump and swipe down to duck and slide. Casting spells is simple too by just tapping the coordinating color for the enemies in your path. You will also learn how to mix spells because enemies can include a combination of colors. The trick to playing this game is to be able to jump, duck, and cast spells at the same time.

Arcane Castle is currently available for $0.99 on the App Store with no additional purchases required.

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