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CoBattery lets you cut the power cord from your iPhone

CoBattery lets you cut the power cord from your iPhone

May 7, 2015

With our increasingly connected lives, one of the toughest parts of the day can be managing the battery life of your iPhone. Many people have to carry around a charger or battery pack to recharge their phones when the battery drops too low. A product currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, CoBattery, aims to replace traditional charging with battery swapping.

CoBattery comes with two batteries, a charging dock, and a special case for your iPhone. You keep one battery in the case, connected to your iPhone, so your power level always stays at 100 percent. When you get home, you can just swap the used battery for the one in the dock, giving you a full charge in seconds.

Each battery stores more than 1.5 times the power capacity of the iPhone 6. This means you can potentially get more than two days of regular usage of your iPhone before you have to swap batteries, eliminating the need to worry about your device’s power life. The manufacturer also plans to sell additional batteries, meaning you can carry a spare in your backpack, pocket, or purse for those extended journeys or heavy usage periods.

The case for CoBattery is even protective. It is designed to eject the battery in the event of a bad fall, absorbing kinetic energy and protecting your phone. CoBattery uses high strength, shock resistant plastic to make sure the case protects your iPhone even during a really hard fall.

CoBattery is a bit over a sixth of the way towards meeting its funding goal of $60,000, and there are 28 days to go in the campaign as of this writing. Early bird specials are already gone, but you can still get a CoBattery with a dock and two batteries by pledging at least $75 towards the campaign. Shipments of the accessory are expected by be delivered in December 2015.

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