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Combine basic colors to earn high scores in the new Color Clash! game

Combine basic colors to earn high scores in the new Color Clash! game

Pocket Gaming
May 11, 2015

Color Clash! is an interesting new game where you must merge basic red, blue, and yellow colors. Earn points, rejuvenate your health, and create bomb sweepers with different color combinations.

To play, just pick colors from the palette that create combinations. Once you choose a color, shoot it with your laser so that it appears in the Clash Zone. Once in the Clash Zone, the colors will merge for big points, bomb sweepers, and more health. Beware of the small bombs that appear because they will keep your colors from merging.

Here are the different combinations and their rewards:

  • Create purple with red and blue. When two purples merge you earn 100 points.
  • Create orange with red and yellow. When two oranges merge you earn a Bomb Sweeper.
  • Create green with blue and yellow. When two greens merge you receive extra health.
  • Combining two bombs will provide a big blast.

Color Clash Gameplay

Color Clash Destruction

Plans for future Color Clash! updates include additional color combinations, different types of lasers, and advantages to help with gameplay.

Color Clash! is currently available for $0.99 on the App Store with Game Center support. There are no in-app purchases, so just buy once and you will receive future updates.

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