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Crush those creepy crawlers in Spider Smash HD

Crush those creepy crawlers in Spider Smash HD

Pocket Gaming
May 4, 2015

A challenging new game has you crushing those little creatures that make your skin crawl. As the name implies, Spider Smash HD is a one-touch game where you will smash spiders to earn a high score. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. The game not only tests your patience, but your reactions as well.

There is no random tapping in hopes of smashing the spiders as they scurry across the screen. The target point is very specific, so you must hit the spider at the exact right moment otherwise the game is over. Keep successfully smashing spiders to continue gameplay until you miss one. You can work on beating your previous scores or smash your way to the top of the leaderboard with Game Center support.

Spider Smash Show No Mercy

The game has funky music, cute graphics, and lets you hear odd little giggles from the spiders as they taunt you to catch them. Brag to your friends by sharing your high scores on Twitter or Facebook easily from within the app.

Spider Smash HD is currently available for free on the App Store. The game is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. There is an in-app purchase available to remove the ads.

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