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Flick the cube in the new 3-D puzzle game Key

Flick the cube in the new 3-D puzzle game Key

Pocket Gaming
May 4, 2015

A fun new 3-D brainteaser will have you twisting and turning a cube to fit in puzzle pieces. With Key you will earn seconds on the clock by rotating the cube the right way. Just turn the cube in the correct direction and let those puzzle pieces slide right in before time runs out.

Key is a bit perplexing at first, but it does not take long to catch on. Flick the 3-D cube up, down, and all around so that the top opening will fit the puzzle piece correctly. Once the piece slides in, you will receive another. Continue fitting in pieces until all six have been placed in order to move onto the next round. There are 100 rounds to test your skills.

Take a peek at Key and click here if you are unable to view the video:

Three of the six cube surfaces are visible at a time. You will see the hidden ones as you rotate the cube. The trick is to try and remember which shapes are on the hidden surfaces. This way when the puzzle piece appears you can move right to the correct cube side without losing much time.

Key offers Game Center support and an in-app purchase to remove the ads. This challenging new game is currently available for free on the App Store and is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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