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Google caters to food delivery with its latest update

Google caters to food delivery with its latest update

Post-PC Era
May 8, 2015

We use our iPhones to search for just about everything, from cute kitten pictures to restaurant menus. Google recognizes that, and continually expands its search engine’s capabilities to make it ever more useful for handling our daily tasks on the go. Thanks to a recent update to the search engine, you can now order your dinner or lunch with a couple of taps in Google.

Google has teamed up with six food delivery providers in the U.S. to bring you your next meal. Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu, and are all integrated into the latest update, and Google says “we’ll be looking to add more in the future.”

When you search for food or a nearby restaurant on your iPhone, you’ll see an option to “Place an order” in the results. All you have to do is tap that option, and then choose the delivery service you wish to use, and you’ll be taken to that provider’s Web page to complete your order. Of course, your area has to be served by one of those delivery providers for the new “Place an order” option to show up. Also, don’t try this from your PC or Mac, because the option is only available within Google’s mobile search results.


Quite a few franchises already have mobile ordering on their own websites and apps, but this move will make it a snap to get delivery from the locally-owned restaurants that add true variety to the repertoire of eateries. Whether you’re looking to order a gourmet burger for lunch or pad thai for the whole office, being able to kick off the delivery from within Google’s search results is a handy update.

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