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How members can use the AAA Mobile app to easily plan their next trip

How members can use the AAA Mobile app to easily plan their next trip

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May 1, 2015

If you are a member of AAA then you already know about the extensive benefits you receive for the membership price. In addition to Roadside Assistance you can get excellent discounts on lodging, restaurants, attraction tickets, shopping, and more. You can also use the AAA service for assistance obtaining insurance, prescription savings, auto loans, and even mortgage loans.

Along with the terrific AAA member benefits, you also have access to the AAA Mobile app. This app has several features that can be used to easily plan your next trip.

The AAA Mobile app menu has a few great items you can use to plan your next excursion, voyage, or drive.

  • AAA Travel Guides provide descriptions of cities along with activities, interests for kids, and recommended attractions for short trips.
  • AAA Drive Trips provide information, an itinerary with recommended stops, and directions.
  • AAA Travel Planner keeps all of your locations and trips neatly organized for you.

AAA Travel Guide

You can also quickly save trips, locations, and directions where they can each be easily accessed individually within the menu.

If you have your phone’s location services turned on just click on the map from either the main screen or the menu to find nearby places. Alternatively, you can enter your location manually. Once on the map you can spot lodging, dining, campgrounds, health, and travel service options. The map will also show rest areas, welcome centers, gas stations, and service plazas which is convenient when you are on the road.

When you click on one of the places on the map, you will see more details. The distance from your location, price range, number of stars, and other information will display depending on the type of location. Some places have a link to obtain even more details such as restaurants with available discounts or hotels with amenities like a swimming pool or if pets are allowed. Most hotels have a booking feature available so you can easily reserve a room.


If you run into any trouble on your trip and need Roadside Assistance, a new battery, or want to find the closest AAA office, these options are conveniently located on the main screen for you. You can also access your AAA membership card or renew your membership.

The left-hand navigation has more helpful items. Here are a few tips:

  • Select Automotive for the gas station with the lowest price.
  • Select Discounts and Rewards for stores that provide discounts to AAA members.
  • Select Membership to manage your vehicles.

AAA Main

If you belong to AAA, then this is a must-have app. For trip planning, discounts, assistance, and more, this app keeps you moving along.

The AAA Mobile app is available without in-app purchases for free on the App Store. AAA memberships can be purchased directly on the website.

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