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Into The Circle reminds you of a modern take on darts

Into The Circle reminds you of a modern take on darts

Pocket Gaming
May 8, 2015

The new game Into The Circle is easy to understand and play, but takes just the right aim and amount of force to master. Your goal is to throw the ball into the circle while trying to get a perfect score.

As the game starts, you will see a moving arrow. When the arrow is aimed directly at the circle, you press and hold the screen until the arrow fills to the amount of strength you need. Release and the ball moves in the direction you aimed. If you land the ball in the circle, you continue on. Try to aim so that the ball hits the center of the circle for a perfect score. But be careful with the amount of forced used because if you overshoot, the ball will flow out of the circle.

Into The Circle Start

You earn points as you continue to land the ball in each subsequent circle. If you do not land in the circle, you will have the option to continue the game using stars. You begin with 15 stars and have the option to purchase more.

Into The Circle Play

Into The Circle is reminiscent of darts in which you have to aim carefully and try to hit the center. The game is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is available for free on the App Store. In-app purchases include star packs and an Ultimate Edition which has different skins, 500 stars, and no ads.

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