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It’s time to go outside and play with GotchApp

It’s time to go outside and play with GotchApp

Pocket Gaming
May 7, 2015

Tired of sitting inside playing video games or staying glued to your television? Try something new. Download the new game GotchApp, gather your friends, and head outside for some fun. GotchApp is an outdoor, location-based, multiplayer combination of tag plus hide and seek.

To start, you see yourself and the other players on the map along with spy drones and checkpoints. The goal is to find and tag the others, the drones, and the checkpoints before you get tagged by someone else. To tag someone, you just get within a certain distance, which varies depending on your GPS and connection.

GotchApp works worldwide, so you can play anywhere. Here are other fun features of the game:

  • Earn Gotchars and power-ups to purchase items like extra lives and multipliers.
  • Earn badges, climb the leaderboard, and achieve new levels.
  • A satellite version is available for a different view.

Here is a look at how GotchApp is played. Click here if you are unable to view the video:

A new tournament mode is now available. You can select the people and playground on the GotchApp website. You will then receive a code to give to your friends and you can check the high scores on the site.

GotchApp is a free game available without ads for iPhone on the App Store.

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GotchApp - keep on moving!
GotchApp - keep on moving!

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