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Only for Apple Watch, Runeblade takes you on a magical journey to save the world

Only for Apple Watch, Runeblade takes you on a magical journey to save the world

Pocket Gaming
May 14, 2015

In Runeblade, the wrath of Arai has descended upon the world and you must fight the evil with your blade. Cast spells and use “Magical Artefacts” to take on those that set out to destroy you in this adventure created for the smartwatch.

With optimized graphics and intuitive gameplay, Runeblade on your wrist you will have you fighting wicked enemies. You will start by slaying the possessed snake, tormented boar, hexed wolf, and others as you earn powers and gain strength.

Here are more awesome game features:

  • Rune Enchanting mechanism to obtain special powers
  • Magical Artefacts and unlockable achievements
  • Upgradeable Runes to reveal spells which grow more powerful as the game progresses
  • Crystals for buying items further in the game as you retire to your Hometown

The companion app for your iPhone contains the Black Market for purchasing additional tools. There is also a Magic Store, a Library, and the Lore Keepers area which provides more information on items you use throughout the game.

Take a look at this preview of Runeblade and click here if you are unable to view the video:

Runeblade is an exciting adventure for your Apple Watch. The game is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchase options for game items.

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