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Race against the clock to break the bricks in Brickies

Race against the clock to break the bricks in Brickies

Pocket Gaming
May 15, 2015

There are a wide number of brick-breaking games available on iOS, but Brickies will give its own unique spin on the genre when the game releases on May 21. Ink Vial and Noodlecake Games announced the app at the Game Developers Conference in March 2015, and a recent report from TouchArcade has given us the release date.

In Brickies, the idea of the game is to break all of the bricks. That’s definitely not a new concept, since that genre has existed since the early days of video gaming. What’s different about Noodlecake’s spin on the classic, though, is that each level is time-limited.

In the game, you only get a little bit of time to break all of the bricks. There are no lives in Brickies, but there is a punishment for dying. If you die, the ball remains active but cannot break anything for a few seconds. This is another differentiating aspect of a game entering a very crowded genre.

Brickies is expected to be free to play, but chances are it will feature in-app advertisements in order for the developer to monetize the game. Hopefully, the ads will be unobtrusive and not detract too much from the gameplay.

To get a sneak peak of Brickies, check out the video below. If the video fails to load, click on this link to see it on YouTube.

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