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Share links, files and notifications across devices easily with Pushbullet

Share links, files and notifications across devices easily with Pushbullet

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May 12, 2015

Have you ever emailed yourself a link from your phone to your laptop? Or, have you ever wished you could copy text from your tablet and paste it into an app on your phone? Pushbullet provides a way for you to do both of these things and so much more.

Setting up Pushbullet on your devices is easy. If you install the app on your Mac and then on your mobile iOS devices, just bring your phone and tablet within Bluetooth range of your computer to pair them. No app-specific account setup is required. You can simply create an account and log in with either Facebook or Google.

Check out this video on Pushbullet setup for Mac and iPhone and click here if you are unable to view it:

Pushbullet lets you share links, files, photos, and even notifications across your devices or with friends using an intuitive interface. You can also subscribe to Pushbullet Channels to get updates from locations all over the Web such as Apple, Amazon, and the NFL.

Pushbullet Channels

When it is time to share an item, just open the app and compose a new message within it. You can send a note, link, or file by just picking the device from the list. So on the Mac, just drag and drop your file into the message. Or on the iPhone or iPad, just select the map icon to send your current location. Sharing items could not be easier.

Now for my favorite Pushbullet feature. The Universal Copy and Paste will let you copy from one device and paste into another. For example, if you copy text from a website on your Mac you can pick up your iPhone and paste it into your desired app. To use another example, copy product information from a shopping site like Amazon on your iPad and then paste it into a document on your Mac. There are no additional steps required. It is a simple copy and paste activity as if you were doing it on a single device. This is truly an innovative and handy feature.

Pushbullet Universal Copy Paste

In order to set up the Universal Copy and Paste, just go to the Pushbullet settings and turn on the switch. Also in the settings you can turn on the option to enable iOS to Mac notifications. You will never miss another notification with this great feature.

Pushbullet iPhone Settings

Another convenient aspect of Pushbullet is its availability. You can use it on iOS, Android, and Windows. There are extensions available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera making this a very versatile app.

So, share with your other devices or with your friends quickly and easily with Pushbullet. The app is available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases required.

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