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The colorful new Blobs Game keeps you popping for a high score

The colorful new Blobs Game keeps you popping for a high score

Pocket Gaming
May 11, 2015

Blobs Game is a simple, colorful, popping experience. You are in a circular arena where little colored blobs are gravitating towards you. Your goal as the largest blob is to run into them. This is how you pop them and increase your score.

The trick is to continue popping blobs of the same color. With each matching color you pop, the points received for subsequent blobs will increase. For example, pop all of the yellow ones before moving on to the red ones for a higher score. As you pop blobs, more continue to enter the circle.

There are four game modes available. Blitz Mode gives you two colors along with three seconds when you start as well as per level. Time Mode gives you three colors and 60 seconds. Expert Mode gives you four colors and 90 seconds. Endless Mode, available with an in-app purchase, gives you five colors and unlimited time.

Here is a peek at the Blobs Game. Click here if you are unable to view the video:

Blobs Game is designed for both iPhone and iPad. This is an ad-supported game available for free on the App Store. In-app purchase options include Endless Mode, a Blobs Doubler, and Blobs Packs for upgrades and power-ups.

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