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Wake up hearing the weather or latest news with Summarise

Wake up hearing the weather or latest news with Summarise

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May 8, 2015

Project Dent is giving us a new way to wake up with the talking alarm clock Summarise. This new app will awaken you each morning by telling you the local weather, the latest news, or the emails you have received.

Summarise offers seven different panel options to choose from for your wake-up call:

  • Local forecast for the day
  • Recent news stories from your chosen source
  • Calendar events for the current day
  • Emails from the past 12 hours
  • Reminders for items due
  • Twitter tweets from the past 12 hours
  • Current birthdays for your friends and family

Summarise Panels

The Summarise talking alarm clock has additional features that you can customize:

  • Wake to music or built-in sound effects
  • Add, remove, and rearrange the panels
  • Modify the panel and alarm settings
  • Use night mode for a bedside clock
  • Wake with a notification if your device is in sleep mode

Summarise Main

You can also browse through your feeds anytime within the app. Summarise is a new way to wake up without the irritating buzz or loud ring of a traditional alarm clock.

The app is available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchases available for the calendar and birthday panels. Summarise is currently available for iPhone only.

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