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Whack an ogre, make matches and more with GamesToGo on your Apple Watch

Whack an ogre, make matches and more with GamesToGo on your Apple Watch

Pocket Gaming
May 22, 2015

GamesToGo is the new app that provides four different games to play on your Apple Watch. Just download the app and all four games will appear on your wrist for some fun on the go.

Ogre Whack

Just whack those ogres, before time runs out, to score points. You get one point for an ogre, two points for a goblin, and you lose a point if you whack a chick. You can change the amount of time for the game by using the force touch menu with options for 30, 45, or 60 seconds per game.

Ogre Whack Watch

Match Up

This is a game of concentration where you must make matches in the least amount of moves as possible. Just flip over the tiles to match pairs of images. You can change the number of tiles by using the force touch menu. You can play with 12, 24, or 36 tiles and your high scores are maintained for each level.

Match Up Watch

Copy Me

Just like the game Simon, Copy Me has you remembering the colors in order and then tapping them in the same sequence. There are four colors and each will light up, adding a step to each round.

Copy Me Watch

Tap Tiles

This is a sliding game where you have tiles numbered zero through 10 plus a blank spot. When you click Play, the tiles will scramble. Then just move the tiles to slide them back in order in the least amount of moves possible.

Tap Tiles Watch

GamesToGo is a fun way to pass the time using your watch. The app is available for $1.99 on the App Store and the games are only playable on the Apple Watch.

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