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Apple Music has 100 percent of Billboard Top 100, Spotify doesn't

Apple Music has 100 percent of Billboard Top 100, Spotify doesn't

June 30, 2015

Apple Music is now live, and a lot has been made about artists like Taylor Swift choosing to boycott the service and then reversing course. Still, the question remains about how well Apple Music stands up to its leading rival, Spotify. To objectively give you an answer to that question, we looked at Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart and checked which tracks each service had or didn’t have.

How does Spotify stack up?

Spotify has all of the songs listed on Billboard’s Top 100 chart, except the songs from Swift.  These include: “Bad Blood,” “Style,” and “Shake It Off.”

Are these available on Apple Music?

Guess how many of the Top 100 songs according to Billboard are included with Apple Music? All of them is the correct answer. Apple’s efforts to woo artists over to their streaming music service have succeeded, even convincing holdout Swift to sign on.

So which is better, Apple Music or Spotify?”

If you’re a fan of the songs on Billboard’s Top 100 chart, Apple Music is the way to go, even if only marginally. Still, Spotify is only missing three songs from the chart, so perhaps this isn’t really all that important.

If you want to see the full comparison of songs from Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, take a look at the embedded spreadsheet below. You can also find the chart here.

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