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Are men or women better drivers? Prove it with SafeDrive

Are men or women better drivers? Prove it with SafeDrive

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June 18, 2015

SafeDrive is an app that wants you to be a good driver, challenges your friends to do the same, and will reward you by doing so. Just open the app when you are ready to take off down the road and you will begin accumulating points once you reach six miles per hour. After that, you keep earning points for not touching your phone until you arrive at your destination. If for some reason you click the app’s release button before your trip is over, you will lose the points that you earned during the trip.

SafeDrive PointsEarned points can be used in the SafeDrive Marketplace to obtain discounts on various services and products. Currently the Marketplace is a little bare, but be patient as more will be added and you can suggest partners right within the app. Or if you are a business owner, maybe you would like to become a partner and join the band wagon for rewarding safe drivers.

You can easily connect with your Facebook friends to challenge each other. You can play using the data from your best saved trip and if you win, take some points from your opponent. This is perfect for that friend of yours who has always claimed he was the better driver.

SafeDrive ChallengeSafeDrive brings an interesting concept to safety. With as many accidents as we see these days and people on their phones while driving, maybe you should give it a try and spread the word. SafeDrive is available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases.

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SafeDrive | Where all the quality drivers are
SafeDrive | Where all the quality drivers are
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