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Are you pumped for iOS 9? 5 top reasons you should be

Are you pumped for iOS 9? 5 top reasons you should be

Apple's Software
June 21, 2015

If you have not started getting anxious for the release of iOS 9 coming this fall, then it’s time you start to get excited. There are a lot of great new features coming that will make your iOS experience truly awesome and here are our top five.

Multitasking for iPad

Multitasking will be available for those with an iPad, with a different view for iPhone users. Those with an iPad will be able to take advantage of a split view screen. This means that you can have two different apps open at the same time, side-by-side. Imagine the boost in productivity this will bring. The new split view feature will be available to those who have an iPad Air 2. For those with an iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and second- and third-generation iPad mini, you can enjoy the Picture in Picture feature. This new feature allows you to shrink down your current FaceTime conversation or video you are watching when you open a second app, so they remain on the screen. For iPhone users, a flip direction multitasking view will be coming; the image below gives you a good idea of how it will look.

iOS 9 Phone FlipBattery life boost

Everyone loves a way to extend their device’s battery life and with the update users will get an extra hour of it. This is due to the more efficient iOS 9. There will also be a convenient Low Power Mode. So, if you are out and about and your battery is down low, just enable this new battery saver mode until you can get to your charger.

More proactive Siri

Siri will get a nice update making her much more productive as she becomes a true proactive assistant. As AppAdvice’s Robin Rhys mentions, it will be like having Google Now for iOS, but less invasive. The data will be stored locally and not shared with third parties. When you open your Spotlight, you will get some handy suggestions for apps, nearby parking, gas stations, restaurants, and even news that is relevant to you.

iOS 9 Siri UpdatePhoto view scrubber

Both your Camera Roll and Photos app will have a new scrubber view available. This means you can just scroll your finger along to see your photos quickly and easily until you see the one you want. You can then just pinch to zoom when you’re done with the scrubber and you will resume where you left off before.

iOS 9 Photo ScrubberApple Beta Software Program

As we all hope the September update will bring us a bug-free iOS 9, now Apple is offering a way for you to help. The Apple Beta Software Program allows everyone to test out the pre-release version of the software and provide feedback. The Feedback Assistant app will allow you to send reports for issues you find directly to Apple from your device.

Take a look at what AppAdvice’s Robin Rhys has to say about these fantastic new features. Just click here if you cannot view the video:

Are you excited now? Share your comments below with which iOS 9 feature you are most looking forward to using!

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