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Can you guess the FirstLetter before time runs out?

Can you guess the FirstLetter before time runs out?

Pocket Gaming
June 24, 2015

FirstLetter is a new word game where you can play alone or challenge others from your Apple Watch. Just choose the first letter of the word from the hint given to score. Continuing playing and guessing the first letter from the choices given before time runs out.

Gameplay is very simple and you can play on your watch or your phone. You are given up to nine scrambled letters and a hint. There is a limited amount of time in the round to guess as many words as possible, so pick the first letter of the word described as fast as you can. Topics for the words vary from sports to geography to technology and more. You must connect to Facebook in order to invite friends or play a game with a random player. You can also try your hand at the single-player game.

FirstLetter iPhoneFirstLetter works very well on the Apple Watch, however, there is a big catch. Since the game is ad-supported, you will occasionally receive a message that it is time for a break. At that time, you must open the game on your iPhone to view an ad. This can all be solved, of course, by paying a fee. What a huge disappointment.

FirstLetter WatchThe game is actually fun and challenging, whether playing with others or alone. However, the inconvenience of being directed from your watch to pick up your phone and view an ad is quite annoying. What are your thoughts on this, Apple Watch wearers?

FirstLetter is available for free on the App Store, but don’t forget the in-app purchase to remove the ads for $1.99.

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