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Color your cube just right and roll to the goal Cubic Prism

Color your cube just right and roll to the goal Cubic Prism

Pocket Gaming
June 12, 2015

Cubic Prism is a unique, new puzzle game where you roll your cube to the goal while using shades and colors to get rid of obstacles. Just roll your cube over the shade or color to pick it up and use it.

Cubic Prism PlayThere are arrow controls to direct your cube as you guide it to the goal. After you roll over a color you will need it to appear on the top of your cube to remove that same colored obstacle. This means you may have to roll your cube in a different direction for the color to appear on top to rid the obstacle. Your cube can contain three different shades and colors at a time. This comes in handy on the harder levels. You must also be careful not to fall off of the grid you are rolling on.

To get a better idea of the gameplay for Cubic Prism, take a look at this video. Just click here if you cannot view it:

Cubic Prism has over 30 levels, however, it appears that you can choose your level without having to succeed to move forward. The game has clean graphics and carnival-like music. It is designed for both iPhone and iPad and available on the App Store for $2.99.

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