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Create bouquets for your blooming flower business in Petally

Create bouquets for your blooming flower business in Petally

Pocket Gaming
June 8, 2015

Petally is a light, new, business building game where you will take charge of your own flower shop. Learn to plant, cultivate, pick, and sell your flowers as you continue to make a profit.

You have just obtained the flower shop and begin by picking some flowers already growing nearby. You will create bouquets from the flowers, each selling at a different price. Continue to pick flowers and create bouquets to earn money. Then purchase seeds, plant more flowers, and get water from the river so that they will grow.

Petally PlayYou will plant tulips, daisies, candytufts, and other beautiful little bloomers. As you continue to grow the business and move through the levels, you will unlock tools and items to help your shop thrive even more. You can also purchase decorations to spruce up your store.

The controls are pretty simple. Just drag your finger to change your perspective, tap to start walking, and hold down to move faster. You receive screen prompts with your objectives, such as planting a certain number of seeds. Keep an eye out for the glowing exotic flowers that are worth more and earn money to continue moving up to the next level.

Petally Decorate

As you walk through your meadow, planting and picking, you will hear the calming water of the river and cheerful birds chirping. There is no music, just the sounds of nature.

Petally is available for free with 10 hours of play. After that, you will be asked to register and pay to continue playing. The game is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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