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Explore the dungeon in Destiny Emerald, a new RPG adventure

Explore the dungeon in Destiny Emerald, a new RPG adventure

Pocket Gaming
June 17, 2015

Destiny Emerald is a new, 16-bit, role-playing game that has you making your way through the dungeon and fighting enemies. Playing as a member of the Darkslay family, you will be able to switch characters, each with a different unique skill.

You are in search of the Five Shards of the Destiny Emerald that are hidden throughout the hundreds of rooms in the dungeon. Watch out for various monsters as you search the rooms by breaking blocks and bombing walls.

Destiny Emerald PlayCollect gems, keys, weapons, gadgets, and various tools as you move through the rooms and defeat your enemies. Warp into other areas and see if you can solve the puzzles.

You can switch from the default free swiping movement to a directional control pad. Shift from one character to another in Base Camp. You can play as Zem the warrior, Maya the mage, Rokas the sword-bearer, or Lilith the rogue-in-training. Getting back to Base Camp is much easier once you find the family portrait, so look for that in the beginning stages of the game.

Destiny Emerald ExploreDestiny Emerald has mysterious music and classic 1980s style graphics. A recent update to the game makes it universal. It is currently available for $2.99 on the App Store.

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