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‘Flyp’ to other phone numbers quickly to organize your life

‘Flyp’ to other phone numbers quickly to organize your life

Digital Communicator
June 22, 2015

Would it be helpful for you to have different phone numbers for work versus friends versus family? Or, maybe you would like that special someone to contact you using a number only they know. Flyp is the new app that lets you get multiple phone numbers for calls and texts.

Flyp NumbersYou can stay better organized with your communications using Flyp and enjoy these features:

  • Set up phone numbers in seconds
  • Calling, texting, and voicemail per number
  • Import of current contacts or creation of new ones
  • Text-to-voice reply messages
  • Do Not Disturb enabling per number
  • Custom greetings, area codes, and Quick Reply messages for subscribers

All calls and texts for each number are in one convenient spot with Flyp. You can see all conversations in a single app and quickly and easily share your new numbers via text, email, or social media, if you prefer.

Here is a preview of how Flyp can help you and just click here if you cannot view the video:

Flyp is available on the App Store for iPhone with Apple Watch support. Receive call and text notifications, respond with Quick Reply, enable Do Not Disturb, and check out unread messages all from your wrist.

When you initially sign up with Flyp, you will get one new number. To obtain additional numbers, there are two subscription options available as in-app purchases. You can purchase a monthly subscription for $2.99 or the yearly option for $29.99. The subscriptions entitle you to up to five additional Flyp Numbers as well as the custom features above.

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