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Guide your steampunk robot through a strange and dangerous world in Makibot Forest Journey

Guide your steampunk robot through a strange and dangerous world in Makibot Forest Journey

Pocket Gaming
June 1, 2015

Side-scrolling adventures come in almost all variations, but there aren’t many I can think of that place a high-tech steampunk robot in a dark, fantasy-fueled forest. Makibot Forest Journey has recently been released, and offers you a cute, large-eyed steampunk robot that you have to help survive and escape in a journey fraught with traps and enemies.


The game features amazing graphics and inspiring music, challenging you to collect prizes from the brink of doom as you navigate the jump and run through a puzzle-ridden forest. The audio-visual gaming experience is definitely as immersive as the developer claims, and playing with headphones is sure to please.


As you make your run through the forest, you can collect coins and gems to use to buy invincibility shields, which allow you to run right through some of the traps and pitfalls without blowing up. The app is integrated with Game Center, so you can track your progress against how well your friends do in the game.


While the gameplay is beautiful and exciting, the game’s invisible controls take some time to master, because once you begin playing it is impossible to see where the three buttons begin and end. I’m constantly missing jumps when my right thumb strays too far to the left of the screen to activate the invisible navigation button. See the game in action below, or click this link if the video fails to load.

MakiBot Forest Journey is available for free on the App Store. While the game does not include ads while you are playing, there are various banner and pop-up advertisements that appear on the menu and between runs. The game requires iOS 6.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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