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How much are you willing to Reveal about yourself?

How much are you willing to Reveal about yourself?

Digital Communicator
June 18, 2015

What do you really know about your new best pal or that guy you just started dating? Are there things about yourself that you have never told your friends? With the new app Reveal – Ask Me Anything, prepare to ask and be asked questions that will teach you more about your friends and open you up to them at the same time.

Reveal AskReveal is meant to provide an amusing way to get to know others better. It can be serious if you want, but the premise is to have some fun, ask silly questions, and give your own answers in a light-hearted style. To prompt your creativity, you can answer questions with photos or videos in addition to text.

You can connect with friends on Reveal using your contact list or Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can also invite your friends to the app via social media or text message. You can make new friends by checking out profiles, questions, and answers from Featured Reveal Users. You can also add a comment to their content or click the heart icon to like something. From their profile, you can follow them or ask them your own questions anonymously. You will earn Reveal Coins for inviting friends and receiving likes from others on your content.

Reveal PhotoReveal – Ask Me Anything is a new way to get to know others and share your own personality. The app is available for free on the App Store. There are several in-app purchases available for different sticker packs.

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