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Lumino City for iOS: Prepare to explore a garden in the sky

Lumino City for iOS: Prepare to explore a garden in the sky

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June 29, 2015

Visually beautiful games that stand out, like Monument Valley, continue to be an absolute joy to play. With this in mind, the new Lumino City slated to arrive for iOS this September, looks to be no exception. This sequel to Lume was released for Mac and PC at the end of 2014, winning the BAFTA 2015 Artistic Achievement and Indie Prize Showcase 2015 Best Art awards. Lumino City Screenshot

What to expect

Lumino City incorporates a mysterious city and challenging puzzles into a stunning work of art. You will solve the puzzles to move through game, which appear to be complex in nature. Players will explore and uncover ways to help the people in the city. You will discover wonderful houses in cliffs and amazing gardens in the sky. Here is a preview of Lumino City and just click here if you are unable to view it:

How it was built

The creators of Lumino City used hand-crafted paper constructions for the game and actually built a 10-foot tall model city using different mechanisms to bring it alive. Looking at the integration of computer tools along with those physical pieces show the amount of work that has gone into creating this gorgeous game. Take a look at this cool video showing how they built Lumino City. Click here if you cannot view it:

We are very excited to see Lumino City coming to iOS and hope that the gameplay measures up to the graphics. No official release date in September has been announced at this time. So, be sure to check back with AppAdvice for details, updates, and news on this anticipated mobile game launch.

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