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No prince is coming, save yourself in Segreta

No prince is coming, save yourself in Segreta

Pocket Gaming
June 29, 2015

If you enjoy princesses, dungeons, and battles, then you have to try the new game Segreta. This age-old story of saving the princess from the forces of evil takes a new twist. Tired of waiting to be rescued, Sheila the princess has no choice but to take matters into her own hands and save herself. This is the fun, new, pixel-style game where you must help Sheila find her way out of the dreadful Segreta dungeon.

Segreta PlayTreasure chests

Protected with a sword and helmet from a failed savior, Sheila roams through the dreary dungeon rooms opening treasure chests. Each chest reveals a different item such as food, weapons, coins, and power-ups. Collecting coins will help to purchase more items like a bronze key to open other doors and an amulet that holds the power of flame.

Fighting the evil

Segreta will also have you fighting off various types of enemies. Opening a chest may send a wave of mummies or a horde of other scary creatures your way. The combat takes place automatically when Sheila is near those she is battling, so you will not have to worry about eliminating your foes with your sword using controls. But, make sure you have enough strength to finish them off before they finish you.

Segreta FightIs it worth playing?

Overall, this game is pretty enjoyable. Where similar games like this can be too involved or confusing, Segreta makes it simple and fun. There are easy directional controls to help Sheila get around and the arcade-like sounds are mild zaps and beeps.

Segreta is available for free on the App Store. It is designed for both iPhone and iPad and contains in-app purchases for more coins to buy additional items in the game.

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