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Review: Personalized MakerGrafix iPhone case adds flair

Review: Personalized MakerGrafix iPhone case adds flair

June 5, 2015

Have you been looking for way to bring some protection to your iPhone while adding to its style rather than taking away from it? You might consider customizing your iPhone with a beautiful case engraved with your own personal statement from MakerGrafix.

The Facts:

Company: MakerGrafix
Product: Engraved iPhone 6 TPU Leather Case – Pink
Price: $11.99
Compatibility: iPhone 6 (also available for 6 Plus; other styles available for iPhone 5/5s)
Colors: Black, blue, brown, hot pink, pink, white
Date: June 4, 2015


I was first introduced to my new, customized iPhone case when I watched it being engraved, just for me.

You can watch, too:

Fun, right? Before they engrave your order, MakerGrafix will alert you so that you can watch it live on Periscope if you wish. But let’s back up a little bit.

The case itself is made from a soft but firm, flexible, leather-like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It comes in a nice variety of attractive colors, with black around the edges. I had no trouble putting in on and taking it off quickly. There are cut-outs for the mute switch as well as the speaker and jacks on the bottom of the phone. The on/off switch and volume toggle buttons are covered. Everything is easily accessible and works just fine within the case. Phone use is not impeded in any way. It’s quite thin so it doesn’t add much bulk to your iPhone, either.

As for protection, I’m not going to drop my phone to test it, but it looks like it would work as well as any soft case this size. There’s always a trade-off between thickness and protection, and this one is pretty thin. The lip does go ever so slightly over the screen so if you set your iPhone facedown, the screen won’t be in direct contact with the surface. The case is just thick enough that the camera lens does not protrude beyond it.

The order page includes detailed instructions for designing your case so that you can create anything that you can visualize. Add your artwork, logo, or monogram. MakerGrafix was able to pull our AppAdvice logo right off of our Web page, so no artistic ability was required on my part, fortunately. The engraving work is flawless, it looks and feels amazing.

Bottom Line:

This soft, protective, engraved case adds sophistication and customization to your iPhone for a reasonable price.

The Engraved iPhone 6/6 Plus TPU Leather Cases are available in black, blue, brown, hot pink, pink, and white for $11.99 on

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