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Save the forest and your animal friends in Run To Be Wild

Save the forest and your animal friends in Run To Be Wild

Pocket Gaming
June 8, 2015

Run To Be Wild is the new endless runner game from Code Coffee where you are the heroic Sasquatch saving your territory. Your animal friends were kidnapped and your forest is in danger. Jump over barriers, slide under obstacles, and fight the enemies in your path.

Run To Be Wild iPad

The game has 200 fast-paced levels to move through with morning, afternoon, and night settings. There are eight different characters to unlock along with acorns and trees to collect as you continue your journey.

Collect the items as you barrel through the obstacles so that you can arm your character. With enough acorns you can obtain boxing gloves, wood armor, a watermelon helmet, bunny ears, and even headphones. Work your way through the early levels to begin unlocking the other characters, such as a panda bear, a lumberjack, and a cow.

Here is a preview of Run To Be Wild. Just click here if you are unable to view the video:

The game controls are easy with simple swipes and taps. You will hear the grunts, punches, and upbeat soundtrack as you race through the levels. There is Game Center support and you can also challenge your Facebook friends.

Run To Be Wild is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on the App Store with several in-app purchase options. You can buy game continues and pay to remove the ads.

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