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Share your everyday moments with Beet

Share your everyday moments with Beet

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June 30, 2015

Photos cannot always capture everything you need in that special moment. Expressions, sounds, and live action of an event are all things that only video can capture the best. Then, sharing those great times with friends and family can be priceless to them. This is why you should try Beet – For Moments.

Beet RecordWhat can I do with Beet?

Beet – For Moments is there to help you capture and share your life in video. Whether you use it for everyday moments or special occasions, Beet lets you compile your video creations into stories of your life. Imagine compiling videos for your family across the country as your little one first starts to walk. Or, maybe you want to ease your parents’ minds when you leave for college by showing them a day in your new life. These are both examples of how Beet can come in handy.

Beet helps you connect with stories

As you collect videos of your moments, you can then share them on Facebook or Twitter or just download them to your device. See what your friends have shared and follow them to keep up with their moments too. You can even meet someone new by checking out trending and featured stories.

Here is a preview of Beet – For Moments. Just click here if you cannot view the video:

Thoughts on the app

Beet is easy to use and understand. It lets you create sub-stories so you can keep your videos organized better, which is a nice feature. It is basically a light, simple app for sharing your life with the people you love, minus any complication or hassle.

Beet – For Moments is a universal app, available for free, on the App Store.

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