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Take your selfies up a notch with RaceMyFace competitions

Take your selfies up a notch with RaceMyFace competitions

June 5, 2015

The selfie craze doesn’t seem to be going away, with accessories being sold to help make your picture-taking even easier. Now, you can take your selfie to the competitive level and try to win prizes for your photographic genius. RaceMyFace has a variety of contests with different prizes, from a Calvin Klein gift card to a Fitbit, and all you have to do is enter your selfie.


Each contest, called a race, has its own theme. You take your selfie according to that theme, and enter it into the race. Themes range from a selfie with your best friend to a shot taken on the couch, and just about everything in between. You can boost your shot to get more views, and share your selfie entry on Facebook to get your friends’ support. RaceMyFace also lets you boost other people’s selfies, so you can help your favorite photographs get closer to winning the prizes.


You can take your selfie from within the RaceMyFace app itself, or you can choose an image from your photo library. Editing tools with the app are very limited; all you can do is zoom and crop your picture. To get the best possible entry, you will want to use another app to edit your selfie first, and then enter it within RaceMyFace.


RaceMyFace is available for free on the App Store, and uses in-app purchases to buy additional boosts. You do get some boosts for free, but if you run out and want to keep helping your entries or your friends’, you’ll have to buy more. RaceMyFace requires iOS 8.1 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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