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Turn your home into a horror game in Night Terrors

Turn your home into a horror game in Night Terrors

Pocket Gaming
June 8, 2015

A totally new concept in augmented reality and gaming is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. Night Terrors is an immersive experience that turns your home or any other environment into a “terrifying hellscape.” The developers’ aim is to “create the scariest game ever made,” and the trailers they have released make it look truly terrifying. See the first trailer below, or click this link if it fails to load.

The gameplay happens after dark in your home or other dark environment, and the app takes full advantage of every piece of technology in your iPhone to make your environment a part of the game. Your accelerometer, camera, microphone, flash, gyroscope, and GPS provide all of the data to build the game’s map and populate it with horrifying monsters.

Night Terrors is a survival game with two goals: save the girl and survive. The game controls what you see and hear, with your iPhone’s flash providing all the light you get. The camera and microphone feeds get analyzed and processed in real time, and photorealistic elements are added to provide the terrifying elements of the game.

The developers have ditched the idea of using CGI for the graphics, choosing practical effects instead so they can more realistically blend the elements together and match the lighting in the player’s environment. By controlling your iPhone’s flash, the lighting conditions of both the photorealistic elements and your environment can be manipulated to provide you with a truly frightening experience.

Night Terrors has become a viral hit, but the developers still have not met their funding goal of $70,000. With just six days left in the campaign, it seems unlikely that the goal will be met. However, since Night Terrors is using Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding model, the developers will still receive all of the funds raised and will hopefully be able to make the augmented reality game come to life on your iPhone or iPad.

You can view the latest trailer for the game below. If the video fails to load, just click this link.

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