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Alpha Omega brings elegance to a challenging word game

Alpha Omega brings elegance to a challenging word game

Pocket Gaming
July 2, 2015

A few months ago, we looked at a brand new word game called Alpha Omega that had you unscrambling letters in a crossword-style visual using clues to decipher the words. This attractive, tranquil-sounding, and enjoyable word game continues to be a joy to play. As of today, July 2, the game gets even better with some wonderful updates.

Alpha Omega GameplayNew levels and packs

Now you can enjoy some new levels by purchasing the premium pack Summertime for $0.99. This pack includes 96 fun levels. Additionally, there will be new levels coming every month, so players can look forward to new premium packs available all the time. There is also a new All-Access Pass for $18.99 that includes all current and future level packs, themes, and unlimited hints.

New music and bridges

Alpha Omega has also added some new soothing sounds from artist Elskavon. So, you can continue to enjoy the relaxing music as you play. In addition, you will see new bridges connecting the sections on the main screen. This nice update means that you can take shortcuts from Delta to Lambda or from Eta to Pi.

Alpha Omega MainNew additions bring more enjoyment

Alpha Omega is a terrific puzzler for word game fans. It combines an elegant visual display, calming background music, and challenging but not impossible puzzles into a pleasant game experience. The shortcuts are a great addition and the new level packs are motivational for making it through the 360 initial levels.

Alpha Omega is designed for and looks wonderful on both iPhone and iPad. The game is currently available for just $0.99 with many in-app purchase options for hints as well as the mentioned level packs.

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